Can a writing coach help you find your way?

What can a writing coach do for you?

A writing coach can help you focus your ideas, organize your thoughts, find the right form for your message and stick to a writing plan. A writing coach can also help you see what works and what needs work by providing objective, constructive feedback that helps you grow as a writer. Think of a writing coach as a kind of personal trainer – they can help you do the work you want to do, but they can’t do the work for you.

Why McKeeWords?


When you hire me as a writing coach, I bring a lot of experience, a personalized approach and an open mind to your project. I’ve been an analytical writer, editor and trainer for more than 30 years and a workshop instructor for more than a decade. I have coached all kinds of people over the years, from WWII survivors and teachers to CEOs and published writers. Every one of them was looking for help sharing their voice with the world. Through knowledgeable advice and fresh feedback, I have helped people build momentum, push through writer’s block and get going on their writing (or speaking) dreams.

How does it work?

Every writer has different needs, so I follow a basic discover-decide process that allows flexibility to focus where you need and want the most help. I price my services in three-hour blocks of time that can be used at your pace in a variety of ways, depending upon your needs and preferences. We can meet in person, on the phone or via video chat. We can email. Any combination works, as long as it helps you get focused and keep moving toward your goal.

Discover: This may be one or more conversations for us to discover what you are trying to accomplish. We’ll discuss what you have done so far, challenges you are facing, what’s been going well and where you feel you need the most help.

Decide: With insight from our discover conversation(s), I will recommend the most effective approach and a timeline for working together. Once we have agreed on the approach, we get to work!

Rate structure: All packages include any combination of time spent in person, over email, video chat or phone calls. Contact me at for a customized quote.

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