Listening + Analysis = Distinct Voice

“Tracy is adept at assessing and analyzing the communication implications of a business issue and quickly determining the right approach to supporting the business need. She uses data to assess the needs of the audience and her experience to identify the best approach for connecting with them. Because of her counsel and expertise and our partnership, our messages were compelling, clear and impactful.”

~ From Elease Wright, former SVP, Human Resources, Fortune 50 company

“I found her approach to be unique because she had a remarkable ability to both understand the business need, recognizing the message that I wanted and needed to convey and capture my voice in a way that was authentic.

Tracy served as my primary communications leader for internal and external communication and led a team who supported the communication function during most of my tenure as Chief Human Resources Officer of a Fortune 50 Company. In that capacity, she partnered with me to develop an internal communication strategy for the company; helped to prepare me for public  appearances, developing speeches and presentations; and developing a chapter for a book.

Tracy’s feedback is consistently thoughtful yet direct. She can take the most convoluted thoughts of her clients and transform them into a cohesive message. She’s passionate about her work and creative with solutions. Tracy has been one of the most talented and capable communication consultants with whom I have worked.”